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  • Whether you are looking for the best way to fix brown patches in your lawn, installing a completely new lawn or maybe you have just heard the term and are curious what exactly it means? This article is going to help you determine what makes hydroseeding the superior process when fixing and existing lawn or installing a new lawn by explaining the benefits and highlighting the differences between hydroseeding and traditional lawn seeding.

    The biggest savings you will see with hydroseeding is time. To put it bluntly hydroseeding is the most efficient method of seeding a new yard or fixing dead/brown patches in your existing lawn. It is so much quicker because it is a one step process.

    But what is hydroseeding? To put it simply it is the process in which seed, fertilizer, soil amendments, mulch and water are mixed together in a tank with water creating a “slurry”. The slurry is then applied to the yard under high pressure ensuring the seed is evenly distributed over the yard and protected by the mulch in the mix.

    This cocktail of ingredients results in significantly higher germination percentages and shaves 2-3 weeks off the time it will take for your lawn to look like a lawn instead of the local dirt track.

    Hydroseeding is commonly used to beautify yards, control erosion, reducing dust pollution along roadways, preventing weed growth and creating sports fields (baseball, football etc.). Hydroseeding is also used in agriculture at times for sowing things like oats, wheat or wild flowers.

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    Compared to the Other Methods

    We have explained how hydroseeding works but not why it is better, to really touch on that lets identify the competition.

    • The most expensive method of installing a new lawn is with Sod, sod can be installed any time of year but it requires frequent watering and maintenance for the first year at least. It is the fastest method but also the most costly
    • The cheapest method of seeding a yard is broadcasting grass seed by hand and then covering it with straw or a straw mat, this can be done without needing to hire a professional but it is the least effective method. Depending on your climate, rainfall amounts and soil fertility it can lead to a patchy uneven lawn. Not only that but it takes months of work to get your lawn looking lush and green using this method.

    Hydroseeding is the best balance of cost and effectiveness. It is more expensive than doing it yourself true. It is far less than sod though and you will have results significantly faster than the DIY methods most people commonly use.

    Hydroseeding Cost?

    In most cases hydroseeding is going to be the best balance of expense and results.

    So how much does it cost? Hydroseeding is such an efficient process the cost associated with hydroseeding is often much more reasonable than people expect. True it is going to be more than a traditional hand spread seed and straw application. Only about one third more than the traditional methods of seeding a yard. That cost is minimal when you take into account how much better hydroseeding is. Especially in terms of germination percentage and speed of germination. For just a little bit more money you can have a beautiful lawn in less time and with fewer weeds.

    Don’t let perceived cost scare you though, it may be much less than you might think. Call today, estimates are free!. One one of our sales reps would be more than happy to come out and measure your project to get a price put together for you.