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  • Spring Cleanup

    For most homeowners, Spring cleaning often involves throwing open the windows and diving headfirst into cleaning our closets and drawers.  But, what about your lawn?

    Trace Lawn & Landscaping Spring cleanup services address the damage inflicted upon your lawn and landscape by winter’s harsh conditions – destructive winds, ice, snow and bitter cold, to name a few.  A spring clean-up helps to wake your outdoor environment from its seasonal hibernation and includes maintenance tasks that are vital for a healthy and attractive landscape all summer long.  Those include:

      • Cleanup – Dead material such as branches, leaves and other debris will be removed.  As well, the Earthscapes crews will lightly prune any damaged areas on shrubs.
      • Lawncare – Aeration ensures that air, water and nutrients can penetrate built-up lawn thatch to reach the soil below. Aeration is often followed by fertilization, mowing and watering.  
      • Flower Beds and Borders – Flower beds and gardens can be unsightly at the start of spring.  We clean them up, add mulch and re-edge the borders to make them look their best. Perennials and grasses are also cut back and divided as needed.
      • Weed and Pest Control – Spring is the perfect time to get ahead of these nasty critters. Trace crews weed beds and apply pre-emergent weed control as part of the spring cleanup process.
      • Hardscape Clean-Up – Winter’s debris has also landed on your patios, decks and walkways.  Trace crews take time to blow off the hardscape surfaces so they are ready for you to enjoy when summer arrives.

    The team at Trace understands that your time is valuable.  As a busy homeowner, finding time to handle all the tasks associated with a Spring cleanup is an impossible challenge.  Wouldn’t you rather focus on simply enjoying your beautiful backyard with friends and family? We’re here to help make that happen by addressing all your spring cleanup needs.  Now is the time to call – summer awaits!