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  • This new home needed some turf help. There were drainage problems as well which required some site grading work to fix the water issues.  Water was headed right into the corner of the home which can cause foundation problems down the road and a huge rut was formed along the side of the home. There was a drainage ditch along the road that was too steep to mow so we went in and shaved the sides down making it more a more gradual slope into the ditch and were able to plant grass for easy maintenance.

    The entire area was very thin on grass so we over seeded the entire front yard and sides of home. Over the course of the spring and summer the homeowners had a great growing season and watered their lawn daily or as needed and were very happy with the results. Trace Lawn & Landscaping will be providing a lawn fertilization program starting in the early spring. The photos on the right display the conditions before we regraded the lawn. The photos on the left are the results in mid-late summer the same year.