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  • Landscape Projects

  • This project began with a full landscape design for a couple's back yard. The area was heavily overgrown with wild plants and a very narrow path for walking from their driveway to the rear deck of the home. Plans were drawn with intentions of taking steps each year until the design had been completely installed. 

    This was our first year's budget but there is much more to come. We were able to remove some unsightly trees and shrubs and lots of weeds. We put a base down for her Amish built shed and put in a boulder retaining wall to hold the pad for the shed level.

    Some of the landscaping for the entrance to the driveway was done first for curb appeal and the budget allowed us to line the shed with evergreen shrubs and a tall evergreen to help screen the road from the back yard. Many native plants have already been used for this site and the design dictates more for the future.