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  • Landscape Projects

  • This homeowner had us install the hardscape patio, sitting walls, and steps first all based off of our design. A landscape design was prepared and expanded during the site's hardscape construction.  Lot of perennials line the steps to help soak up water that may run down the landscape over the walkways and steps.

    This area is somewhat shaded under tall existing native trees so to make maintenance easier we installed beds around these trees with plantings. Semi shade perennials are found under trees, along the bottom of the walkway and along the sitting walls. Sun perennials in yellow were placed in the open along the walkway for added summer color.

    Magnolias accent the sitting walls and give some height to the landscape and a few specimen plants were placed carefully in the design for height and texture. Sandstone steps were placed in a bed so the homeowner, their family, and guests could make their way to the lower yard.  We screened the utilities with evergreen holly shrubs and planted groundcover to match the rest of the property landscaping. Low voltage landscape lighting was installed for safety and beauty along all walkways during the night.